laterpost | Shying from the Limelight


I've been wondering for a little while why I, at times, shy from the limelight. I've performed since I was a little girl. Every year with Harlem Hospital Dance Clinic, and then with the HADLEY Players Drama Club. In Drama, with Ms. Mike we memorized poems like Langston Hughes, I Too, Sing America and mounted booming productions. Yet, as I get older, to my shell, I retreat. It's a bit strange, and makes me wonder am I a performer at all. Here, I remember V and her insistence on having me attend Carnival one year with her and family that would would be performing. That night in the back area of the Brooklyn Museum, women and men came out fully masked, dancing and moving, led by the energy of the night. That might be it for me. Have I been missing my mask? If I wear a mask, what is being projected? What is being called up? When you perform do you always put on a mask? Is life a performance? Am I always supposed to wear a mask?