Jump Back Baby, Jump back

I’m trying to figure out what it means to exist when things are not in your favor. Though, even phrasing it that way suggests that unfavorable situations are set in stone and less of what they are, a situation. If I see myself as a grounded member of this universe, then just as Universe oversees it all, and ensures that moon rises and the sun sets, that the eagle spies the possum that has just happily consumed a rabbit, it—the Universe, shall help me navigate tricky situations. I sometimes feel that I am not grounded in the feeling of universality because of a spotty faith practice. This is a goal for me to delve and dive deeper into the natural world that guides. If I realize, for example, that a student who is difficult to manage or a manager who is difficult to endure…are in my life because they wanted to play a part in this my story, or play, then how can they serve their role or purpose? And how can I enjoy the play? A friend used to say something to this effect – imagine these troublesome folks in your life as characters in a play, and step away and observe as an audience member. I am embracing this thought again and gaining courage to jump in a new or old adventure, but I am also telling myself to, when necessary, jump back baby, jump back.